Cleaner steriliser

Cleans and disinfects in one simple operation

Frequently Asked Questions

Does VWP formula include Metabisulphite (campden tablets)?
No, VWP formula is a complete Cleaner-Steriliser and does not include Metabisulphite, which does not clean or sterilise (ie. Kill all spoilage organisms) Metabisulphite is used to stabilise finished wine.

Is it necessary to rinse equipment after using VWP? 
Yes, it is always necessary to rinse equipment with good quality tap water to complete the removal of any debris after emptying the soiled solution

Can VWP made up solution be stored for future use? 
VWP should be used as it is made up in solution and discarded after use, it cannot be stored. A stock solution used to apply to metabisulphite, which is ineffective and does not apply to cleaner-sterilisers

Is there a larger size that 400g? 
There is a 4 Kg size of VWP available. Contact Clean Tabs if unable to locate the 4 Kg VWP

How long does a ‘stock solution’ of VWP last when made up and stored?
The term ‘stock solution’ does not apply to current cleaner-sterilisers which should be dissolved in water as directed on the containers then used to soak the equipment, then discarded

I forgot to rinse out the equipment. Will my beer/wine be OK? 
All equipment should be rinsed before use. Anything left in a fermenting vessel will affect the taste. Any active bacteria feft may kill the yeast.

“VWP is great for removing stains from my white sink and also my white shirts/tops (apart from sterilising my demijohns and bottles)”

Mrs. Voly-Hankin

“I have used VWP for some considerable time and find it useful for cleaning and sterilising so many things”

Mrs. Frost

“I find VWP so good with no real substitute, please inform me where it can be purchased locally”

Mr. R. Collins

“Just a few lines to congratulate you on a marvellous product. Compared with similar cleaners, your VWP really does the business”

R.P. Morley

“For many years we have used your VWP successfully in the desire for hygiene, in the kitchen particularly”

Mr. Grant

“I have used your VWP cleaner for many years to clean and sterilise wine making equipment. I now use it as a cleaning agent for spoons and forks and found it to be the only cleaner for some fine china cups”

R.J. Thompson